We are closed to all appointments on Sunday mornings, all day Wednesdayand Saturday evenings.  On site care is given during non-appointment hours.  Emergency openings can be provided for a fee of $10.00 over your total daily rate in addition to your daily rate.  Holiday fee is $100.00 to open.

Fall Break: The facility is closed entirely Friday, November 2 through Sunday, November 18, 2018. Please continue to make reservations that do not fall during this time, online or leave us a message as we will be checking daily.

Families with Multiple Pets: A separate form is not needed for each pet,  Please list the second pet in the Comments Section below and if you wish them to share a facility, or  have their own.

Grooming Requests: In our PawSpa, we will bathe your dog 3 times with Lambert Kay products, condition his/her coat and hand blow dry. We will clean their ears, trim nails, neaten up coat if necessary. Please provide us with any additional instructions in the Instructions Section below.