Inoculations:  All pets staying at Saxonburg Kennels are required to have proof of vaccinations. Inoculations need to be current during the length of your pet’s stay. If boosters are required during the time of your stay, administration should be given 2 weeks in advance of your arrival date. We accept 1 or 3 year DHLPP vaccinations and 6 months or 1 year Bordetella.


Here are a few ways to provide your document(s) to us;  have your vet fax them to 724)265.1480,  take a screen shot of the document(s) and text to:, scan the document(s) and email to:  Finally if necessary bring them with you at registration.  Thank you for your compliance, we look forward to seeing you!

To ensure the wellness of the pets staying with us no exceptions will be given.  If you do not have your paperwork upon arrival we will do all we can to help you retrieve your information.  If you’ve schedule an evening or weekend arrival, please be sure to have all your paperwork in order. In the event we can not contact your vet, we will not be able to accept your pet. 

      Canine Inoculations:
      Distemper (DHLPP or DA2PP): … required
      Bordetella (intranasal preferred): … required               Canine Influenza and Corona: … preferred


Feline Inoculations:
Rabies: … required
Distemper: … required
Feline Leukemia: … required


*Male cats over the age of 6 months must be neutered*                          

Food: In order to provide your pet with the most comfortable stay possible, we require you to bring your pet’s own food in a plastic container. Kennel stay can be stressful and switching food can sometimes add unnecessarily. It is not uncommon to have your pet skip his/her first meal during their stay. In the event your pet’s appetite not return after the first 24 hours we will take measures to entice him/her to eat. This may require; moistening dry food, adding a tablespoon of gravy, yogurt, etc. If you pet has allergies, or you do not wish us to take these measures, please advise our receptionist at registration. We ask that you provide us with your pet’s normal daily diet, although we understand you may want to send along a special treat,  this can cause your pet to not feel well during his/her stay.  We supply bowls, however should you decide to send along their favorite bowl, we are not responsible for damage to ceramic bowls.  When pets get excited they may jump and over turn the bowls causing them to crack or break.

We are seeing an increase on flight changes and cancellations, please provide extra food in the event this would happen to you.

Bedding: You are welcome to bring bedding for you pet. All bedding must be launderable; meaning we only allow beds with a zip off cover  and small blankets. We do not accept comforters, cushions, sleeping bags, or pieces of carpet. If your pet has an incontinence issue, cover the inner section of the bed with a large plastic bag, then replace the outside cover.

Pet bed rental:  $2.50/day.   Should your pet chew or tear the bed the purchase price is $50.00 bed and $15.00 for the cover.   If the cover is torn, or chewed we will remove the bed entirely and you will only be charged for the cover. 

Medication:  If you are sending along multiple medications and or vitamins, please provide us with a pill container and the manner you administer them in, exp:  cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, bread, pill pockets.

Emergency #’s: Please provide an emergency number of where you will be staying, along with your cell number so you can be reached in the event of an emergency. In addition we ask for a name and phone number of a close friend or relative that we could consult, should we not be able to reach you. They do not have to live in the area, this would just be to consult with if necessary.

Departure: Pets are released to their owners only. If you wish to have a friend or relative pick up your pet, this must be pre-authorized during registration. Leave the receptionist the name and phone number of the person you have authorized. Remember to schedule a departure time that coincides with their schedule. For your pet’s safety, all unauthorized walk-ins will be denied.